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tv   KTVU News at 6  FOX  February 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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[tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? toppled trees and wet road ways. wait for the next band of wet weather. thousands demand an end to the controversial practice of fracking. good evening everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken. heavy rain and powerful
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winds. a look at that storm and what is in store for tomorrow. >> we had some rain showers. the rain action is set to move into the region for tomorrow. we are going to increase the rainfall rates. the rainfall totals, we'll show you our back up computer hand show you the rain showers mainly moving to the north area. we will show you those rainfall totals in just a few minutes. you can see the main action has moved to the north and to the east. here you can't see not much in the way of coverage. we can't rule out the chance of pop up shower this evening. we have another developing. if you can see way out to the west that will be a big factor
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in the forecast. the possibility of some thunderstorms and another round of strong winds. we could have winds topping 40 to 50 miles an hour. as storm two approaches the bay area. >> thank you mark. slick roads could have caused accidents of 20 vehicles. this collision happened about 2:30 this afternoon near morgan hill just south of that coyote drive. all of them happened just about the same time. the dispatcher says the roads were wet at the time no one was hurt. pg&e tried to -- they had
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many outages. they say it fixed 96% of the power lost by the storm. effects from the rain and wind this morning cause delays and about 20 cancellations. the airport says the delays should end as the evening progresses. a massive tree that fell after it crashed on the roof. neighbors say they feel pretty lucky. >> reporter: a day of clean up following a night with little sleep in the berkeley hills. >> we are really lucky. >> reporter: window toppled this
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tree. she was vacuuming inside her home. >> hi was pretty shocked because i was just outside with the dogs. >> reporter: it left a large hole in the yard and punched a whole through the neighbors roof. >> everybody is fine, no one got hurt. >> reporter: sandy slept less comfortably. this one was just tripped. it's near 50 years old nearing the end of its life. they are known for falling. the clean uptaking half a day sandy will be walking her dogs on a leash. >> we will deal with it.
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>> reporter: in berkeley. >> the city council is expected to review a proposal on tuesday's meeting. the roads are slick and wet in the sierra. there maybe ice on bridges and overpasses. highway 50 is open, the snow brought storm yesterday in the mountains. this is what it looks like in lake tahoe. about 15 inches of fresh snow fell. alpine received 10 inches of snow. both are open but not all of
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their lifts are operating. you will find all the information you need on air and online including twitter and facebook. a fire killed an elderly woman just before 2:00 this morning. the home was completely engulfed in flames. they were able to put out the fire. they found the body of 80-year-old in the back bedroom. thousands of people from all across the state took to oakland street today calling for the governor to band fracking in california. cristina rendon talked with some of those practicing. . >> reporter: from san diego to
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chico had a message for the governor jerry brown. >> we are bringing all here in old to stop fracking now. >> reporter: they called a march for climate leadership. they show fracking is worst than climb change. it is the process using of water, and chemicals. >> we do not have water to waste. >> reporter: she plans to introduce this resolution asking the city that they request to to fracking across the state. >> fracking endangers our drinking water. >> reporter: those claims are
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just unsubstationuated fears. she says california is the third customer of oil and gas in the world. >> they are using fracking as a trojan horse. with an economy of our scale it doesn't make sense to use our fossil fuses overnight. >> reporter: it would increase our dependence on foreign oil. they urge brown to end fracking and hoping transition to the use of renewable resources. >> we need a transition. a recall of some of the chocolates because the packaging didn't include nuts as an ingredients. some of the boxes don't haven't
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the proper labeling. it includes assorted chocolate boxes. they run the risk of dangerous allergic reaction of unmarked candy. the texas-based country filed for bankruptcy after years of sliding sales. radioshack couldn't compete. they plan to close down half of its stores. 29 ports will be shut down leaving count less containers -- they have been negotiating for months some some of the key
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rules -- the ports are expected to open on monday. bank of america were welcomed free to science center in oakland. it continues throughout the year offering free admission on the first weekend of the month. bank of america is the second largest bank. an iconic ship sails through the san francisco bay. we take a look at the cruise liner.
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they are sending fighter jets to jordan. jordan stepped up it's air strike this weeks after islamic state showed a pilot being brutally being killed. . a bay area vigil to honor that pilot. the kanld candle light vigil will be tonight. a deadly suicide attack in iraq. one of four cared out today across baghdad. it was a day of heartbreak and
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bloodshed. the fourth attack detonated his vest in a shiite neighborhood. the attacks came just hours before a long standing overnight cur few was lifted. joe biden and john kerry met today to discuss the crisises in ukraine. the u.s. will continue to support ukraine's defense while france and german will continue diplomacy. they had a warning for the russian president. >> he needs to make a simple choice, get out of ukraine or face economic at home. >> an estimated 5,000 people
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have died in the conflict. the russian president said he doesn't want war. it appears by the plan of making vatican -- an online petition to change his mind about putting sara. they say she swiped out populations. pope francis he will include a ceremony for sara. bruce genre was involved in a multi car crash that killed a women. genre was not hurt. but seven people suffered minor to moderate injuries on the pacific coast in malibu. they call the crash a chain
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reaction accident involving four vehicles. >> it appears bruce genre was involved rear end of a vehicle. however, he was the third car in a multi rear end collision. tmz is reporting that the former olympian was being chased by paparazzi. there was no evidence that they caused the crash. brian williams says he is stepping down. williams falsely said that he was in a helicopter hit by a rocket grenade in 2003. he notified management saying it has been painful to him that his action has been made him too
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much part of a news. our camera was roling as she passed under the golden gate bridge. here is a tour inside. >> reporter: 5:00 a.m. we boarded the tugboat dealt that katharine. the sky was clear the water perfectly calm. just beyond us is the queen elizabeth. you can see some flashing of light on the ship. those are passengers on board as the ship prepares to pass under beneath the bridge. he says moments like the one this moments this morning never lose their appeal. >> it's a big thrill to come
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into the bridge and come to the port. we were fortunate that the weather was kind to us. >> reporter: not all of the passengers on board for the trip. some will board some will depart. everyone will spend money. >> you can start and end your cruise in san francisco. we need room to bring on all of the produce that needs to come on and some of the local wines or whatever the passengers might desire. >> reporter: 80 cruise liners dock in san francisco every year bringing about $60 million into the city. >> pretty. >> very beautiful. what a treat for her. >> i can see myself. >> i can see myself too.
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>> a great place to be. it is so big you won't notice the choppy seas out there. tracking storm number two. we will bump up the rainfall rates first thing sunday morning. totals adding up for friday into this afternoon. we have pretty good amounts coming for you. those amounts 3.4 inches. concord 1.44 and san francisco -- we have thunderstorms out to the east of stockton. just some clouds here in the bay area. the main action has moved up to the north and to the east. we have rain and snow showers.
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snow levels up above. they inched upward up above 7,000 feet. it was mild out there wasn't it? right now holding on to lower 60s in san francisco and san jose. wind advisory for the entire bay area. rainfall expectations, a big range three quarters of an inch for the south bay. we have lots of neighborhoods one to two inches. storm number two developing offshore. this develops tomorrow. this cold front some heavier rainfall first thing in the morning. winds topping 40 miles an hour. here's our forecast model. we will put this in the motion. tomorrow morning the rainfall picking up in the pacific here. those yellow and reds pick up
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thunderstorm chances. in the afternoon hours probably some more breaks in the action for sunday. we will hold on chance for scattered showers into monday primarily for the monday morning commute. for the fan fest we will have rain for 10:00. that rain can be locally heavy. forecast tie tide -- tides for tomorrow. approaching 70 degrees for morgan hill and santa cruz. here is a look ahead with storm number two. we will tracking some heavy downpours. the possibility of thunderstorms and then dry things out for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. let the water go where it wants to go. >> where the snow levels be lower? >> snow levels come down monday, a good portion of the day
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tomorrow it will be raining up there. >> thanks. we are getting a look at disneyland things going on for auction. the items made by walt disney himself. it will be on display. it is the most expansive disney collection he has ever seen. >> this is an amazing collection. it expands 60-year. he did not one piece of disneyland he collected the entire park. >> that collection is set to go on later this month. the warrior on their game road trip. joe fonzi next.
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giant colors. admission was free. there was a lot of opportunity to spend money. she says she intends to keep that off forever. >> i'm going later today so i can get it tattooed. >> it's hard to believe it's around the corner. >> weren't we just out there in the parade. >> yeah. it's basketball season. the stretch for warrior is ending tonight. the warriors at madison square garden. the warrior took early command with a 15-0 run. nails three at that stretch. the warriors will take it away
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here. the warriors ahead 89-63 in their third quarter. this is their fourth game in five nights in four different cities. win this the warriors will go 3-1 in that stretch. there is report that they are about to make their second inseason coaching change. they are having talks with veteran coach carol. they started with michael malone as their coach. they hired tyrone. the san francisco giants have held their fan fest as world champions. it was a short off-season, tonight pitches and catchers were there.
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giving the fans a chance for one-on-one time. the players and fans spend time. >> it's interesting to feel the excitement of the fans. >> it's a great feeling to come in and -- come into a fan fest as world champs, it never gets old. >> we will see you tonight at 10:00. >> thanks for watching. >> we'll see you tonight at 10:00 and catch us online, facebook and twitter and our apps. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed
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ooh, we should probably go light on the food. something tells me we're not gonna want to do this on a full stomach. i can't believe there's such a thing as autopsy camp. [ laughs ] there is no such thing as autopsy camp. i had to trick luke 'cause i'm actually taking him to a ballroom-dance class. he's been resisting, but it's in his blood. i come from a long line of dancing dunphys -- a kick line, actually. [ chuckles ] come on, we don't want to be late like the guy we're gonna see on the table. am i right? of corpse you are. [ chuckles ] hey, mom can you take me driving? my test is coming up and i really need to practice. oh, honey, i would but i've got a big closets and blinds union meeting today. there is no closets and blinds union. driving with alex is torture. she drives so slowly. i have to be the only parent who slams on the imaginary gas. hey, i'm not doing anything. i guess i could take her. great! i'll go check the tire pressure and the fluid levels! fun! can't wait! be out in


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